Welcome Message from the Secretary-General, IICCI

Dear Colleagues,

It is indeed, a great pleasure for me to welcome all of you to the new & immensely exciting world of India International Congress on Computational Intelligence (IICCI). As a non-profit organization, IICCI is the umbrella for the 3 events-. Intl. Conference on Soft Computing & Machine Intelligence (ISCMI), Intl. Symposium on Computational and Business Intelligence (ISCBI) & (the newly sanctioned) Intl. Conference on Intelligent Systems, Metaheuristics & Swarm Intelligence (ISMSI). To start with, all the 3 conferences will continue to be held independently, at different times & different countries. However, with the passage of time, efforts will be made to organize all of those concurrently.
It had been my privilege to work alongside with all of you, both from academic institutions as well as industries, and in the process, getting to know you. It provides all of us with the opportunity to come across & interact with new colleagues in various professions, besides of course, renewing our old friendship. The networking opportunity associated with it enables us to establish new collaborations & taking stock of the previous ones.
IICCI is the unique effort and is the 1st and hitherto, the only-of-its-kind conglomeration for any association/institutions of this region in the field of Computational Intelligence (CI). In addition to one-to-one discussions in different corners of the world, IICCI will ultimately provide once-a-year opportunity for the CI professionals to enrich their knowledge in their respective areas of research with dynamic, expert-led educational sessions associated with its three constituent events viz. ISCMI, ISCBI and ISMSI. Each of these 3 events consists of plenary/invited papers, regular papers, panels, hot-topic sessions, tutorials, and workshops. Besides academics/scientific research, ISCMI/ISCBI/ISMSI provide exposure to the current scenario vis-a-vis industry’s cutting-edge products and technologies ranging from structural engineering software to fabrication equipments.
I take this opportunity of urging you to converge under the IICCI umbrella and consider sharing your expertise on different aspects of Computational Intelligence with your peers from around the world. We warmly welcome and encourage you to join us, share your research efforts & findings with your peers, appraise yourself with their experiences, publish your research (in both the proceedings of the respective conferences as well as the possibility of the same in various reputed SCIE-indexed journals too) and in the process, contribute towards advancing the state-of-the-art in the field of Computational Intelligence.
I sincerely hope that armed with your support, IICCI will be able to make a prominent mark on the global CI map in the coming years.
I look forward to your participation and continued engagement at future IICCI conferences

Suash Deb