Computational Intelligence & IICCI : A Snapshot

The full understanding of the human information processing continues to remain inscrutable. This makes the dream of designing & developing of a computer/robot in man's image, the ultimate goal of computational intelligence (CI), elusive. As a result, the field of CI continues to reside at a far distance from its ultimate goal. The earlier optimism regarding the arrival of enough computing power to gift the humankind with a truly intelligent machine has been proved to be far from reality. That is why the joy and excitement associated with defeating any former world chess champion by a computer proved premature. In other words, it has more or less been accepted that albeit important, computing speed can never be the synonym of computational intelligence. Instead, the origin of the capability of developing CI are intelligent systems, possessing both the ability to adapt and the necessary complex analytics for autonomous behavior that can provide intelligent control in order to deal with uncertainty & complexity.

Over the last few years/decades, great strides have been made by the CI researchers towards reaching or at least, moving closer towards this ultimate goal of developing such complex, adaptive systems. Solutions for many complex problems remained elusive until CI techniques were developed & applied. The advantages lied in the fact that while using CI methods such as machine learning, fuzzy logic &/or evolutionary programming, the algorithms may not necessarily need to be known in advance, but are determined from the data. However, the task is never easy. In order to move, CI professionals have to interact with professionals from diverse backgrounds such as anthropology, biology, computer science, psychology, philosophy, neuroscience etc. In other words, CI, over the years, has evolved as a truly interdisciplinary field of study.

In order to keep this momentum of CI research intact, apart from building up of the necessary laboratory infrastructure which can aid and support this interdisciplinary research, different platforms need to be built where scientists/academicians/engineers/students from extremely different origin can converge and present & discuss the research efforts with their peers. IICCI is one such modest effort intended towards making bridges not only with CI professionals across different corners of the world but with diverse scientific areas too. The 1st & hitherto, only of its kind, originated from India, IICCI will make an honest attempt to facilitate this interaction as well as create more awareness and in the process, further the progress of CI research across the globe. IICCI earnestly solicits the support of the global CI community towards this endeavor.